What Would I Ask Dany Heatley?...

Edmonton fans are all eager to see and hear what Dany Heatley has to say later today. Sure, we know he's not going to answer almost every question that the media will ask when it comes to his silence, Ottawa, Edmonton or anything regarding what's been keeping us and our ears to the radio for the past two months.

But that may not stop questions from being asked...

What would you ask Dany Heatley? Here's what I'd want to know.

1) Mr. Heatley, the media talks about this list that originally came out -- with the teams you'd be willing to play on. What was on that list? San Jose and New York or a loaf of bread, carton of milk and a stick of butter?

2) What is the original reason you wanted to leave Ottawa? Were you mad that you were given less ice time? Does it bother you that you may get no ice time? Clouston probably doesn't have a hard on for you at this point and you might be riding some serious pine. I'd be upset too that my team was actually winning some games. How dare they?!

3) Mr. Heatley, why wouldn't you want to go to Edmonton? We know that sure it's not listed amongst the top desired teams to play, but you'd get tons of ice time, play with Hemsky, be relied on to be the leader and the superstar you say you want to be? Or are you just worried your ability to stay silent doesn't get you very far in Oil Country? Heaven forbid it's as cold as the snow blizzards you've been facing in Ottawa.

4) Mr. Heatley do you really think that this little press conference is helping out your potential teammates on the Canadian Olympic team? I'm sure just like we are, they're sick of hearing about you and what you aren't saying.

5) Do you understand how the NHL salary cap and supply and demand actually work? We know you understand your own contract and your right to veto any trade (despite the fact you asked for a trade), but do you understand that no team besides Edmonton are willing to take on that contract or can thanks to the cap?

6) Have you talked to Jason Spezza yet? Did you give him a wedding gift? I'm sure an answer in a congratulations card would be enough for him.

7) Am I being too harsh? You haven't really said much...


Hey Dany explain why you don't want to play for any Canadian teams in the NHL but still want to play for Team Canada?

Do you understand that being traded means the Sens get something worthy back? Do you realize that there actually HAVE BEEN other offers (options) than Edmonton but they were not the best offers?

Maybe your ego has clogged your ear drums but listen to question 5 above again, can you even understand that?

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