Is All the Souray Talk Actually Leading to Something?

The National Post is now reporting that Sheldon Souray has added to his public statements that should the Oilers need or want to move the defenceman, that he wouldn't stand in the way. Souray has followed up by supplying the Edmonton Oilers with a list of teams he'd be willing to join before his no trade clause expires.

So we know Souray wouldn't stop the Oilers from making forward progress. We also now know he's got a list of prefered teams in the event the Oilers start receiving offers or are making calls. I guess the question is, are the Oilers in that situation right now?

Well at a league worst 30th, and getting closer and closer to outright walking their way into the #1 lottery spot at this years draft, Edmonton needs to move it's high priced tickets in order to successfully rebuild. Sheldon Souray of the many big money players the Oilers have, is one of the few that would generate a return big enough to making moving a piece you'd like to keep worth it.

The Oilers don't want Sheldon to leave. Souray doesn't want to leave the Oilers. Both however, realize that there may be little option when it comes to getting value back during a time that re-stocking for the future is the only option.

No news has come out regarding which teams Souray has listed, but we do know that the L.A. Kings and the Anaheim Ducks are two of them.

So what can the Oilers get in return? The answer will likely depend on two factors. If the Oilers can move Souray for pieces they see helping this team in areas they sorely lack and if those teams who hold those pieces have any interest in Kovalchuk.

Should their be a three team move, a strategy not new to Oilers GM Steve Tambellini, the Oilers may be able to sneak an extra piece or two from a team that either needs to move cap space like Chicago or is so keen on the idea of adding Kovalchuk that they let slip what could be the silent winning ingredient of a big time trade.

No matter what, a trade is difficult to create in todays NHL. Cap space, standings, contracts and more all become issues and add to that Souray isn't excited to leave nor is Edmonton excited to move him, and you've got a recipe for a trade that has to be just right for the Oilers to take place.

Don't let Sourays comments and the medias willingness to discuss them lead you to thinking this trade will happen over the next couple days. It likely won't, if it happens at all.


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