Heatley to Go Public, But Who Cares?

Dany Heatley will finally talk. As is being reported by TSN, Dany Heatley will break his silence on Friday and will participate in both a media conference call and a follow-up press conference in Kelowna, B.C to address his ongoing stalemate with the Ottawa Senators.

Word is, that the oh so giving and sensitive Heatley doesn't want his trade demands to over-shadow or deflect any negative attention from Canada's Olympic orientation camp which opens Monday in Calgary.

Don't expect much to answer your questions Edmonton fans, as Heatley's agent Stacey McAlpine says we shouldn't expect his client to shed much light on why the star winger wants out of Ottawa. "There are several factors and a variety of reasons," McAlpine told TSN. "However, out of respect to the Ottawa Senators and all involved, Dany is not getting into specifics...that will remain confidential."

However, most fans won't care and this conference won't change the opinions of fans in Ottawa, Edmonton or the NHL, who understand that this publicity stunt won't actually take away from the Olympic camp, but create a much bigger circus. Sure the media might not write articles about Heatley's reasons for asking for a trade, vetoing the trade and then sitting still while about 4 or 5 NHL teams wonder about their future seasons. Instead we'll all have the luxury of reading about why Heatley didn't say anything, how he'll be received in the Senator dressing room (he'll be a Senator when all is said and done) and just how silly this whole mess has gotten.

I for one think more will come from the tone and demeanor in which he says what he does, than the actual words. But probably still think he made a mockery of the whole no-trade clause stipulation in the NHL, both the Senators and the Oilers and pretty much everyone at Olympic camp will still be frustrated by the constant barrage of questions regarding items unrelated to anything but Dany Heatley.


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