Has Nothing to Do With Edmonton...We Want Options.

Here is a brief transcript of the conference call. These are not direct quotes, but it gives a good idea of the call and what transpired. All we know is that Heatley has no desire to come to Edmonton and will not make a decision until he has other options.

Money says he'll be back in Ottawa. Here is the conference call.

Q: How long have you wanted a trade?

D: For a long time. Waited till the end of the season. Wanted to intregal part of the team. Role has diminished, which is the biggest factor. Wants to be a guy who plays all aspects and wasn't given that opportunity on the team.

Q: Do you regret what happened.

D: Feels bad it became public and doesn't know how. Senators asked for a trade in writing, they supplied it and a few days later came out.

Q: Are you worried you're considered self-ish?

D: His teammates knows he's a team player and this reputation doesn't worry him.

Q: Did you not feel you owed Senator fans an explanation? Why the long silence? Why not go public?

D: Signed long term in Ottawa because he likes the city. Didn't go public because of the process and want to create more of a circus than it already was.

Q: Ottawa continues to try to trade you but can't. What about returning to Ottawa?

D: I have a contract. I'll be there and ready to go if I need to, but know there are still teams out there and interested. Hopefully something gets done.

Q: Do you worry you've asked for too many trades from teams? Does it worry you that maybe you're need to ask for trades makes it harder to trade you?

D: Not worried about questions of character. Circumstances are different. Atlanta was off-ice, Ottawa is on-ice. Two different thing.

Q: Why is it taking so long to trade you?

D: Don't know but confident something can get done. He knows there are teams interested out there.

Q: Gene Principe: How do you feel about the Oilers courting you? Were you ever closer to saying yes to Edmonton?

D: We had some good talks with Steve and Kevin. Nothing to do with Edmonton. We want options to make the right decision.

Q: Why is Edmonton not the option? How do you feel about your public perception?

D: Canadian hockey fans are passionate. Options. Only been one and we know there are other teams out there. Can't make the right decision until there are a few options. Not on our initial list of teams that they were willing to talk about. Trade option came as a big surprise and not ready to make that decision.

Q: Biggest contract in Senators history? What do you say to fans who think you want out of town.

D: Nothing against the fans. I want to play a more prominant role and be the player I can be.

Q: What was your last conversation between Cory Clouston like?

D: Wasn't tense. It was a matter of sharing feelings. He had his and I had mine.


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