Quick News and Rumor Hits For Tuesday August 18, 2009

As always a few quick notes from around the NHL. We'll do what we can to relate them or pass along if the Oilers have any involvement in any of the rumors.

Phil Kessel - San Jose was never in serious contact with Boston. The Oilers have inquired, but the Bruins have made it known they are in no rush to make a move, nor is the Kessel camp to get something signed. They are a ways a part in terms of negotiating the terms, but the Bruins have gone on record saying it is the desire of the organization to keep Kessel and that they would match an offer should one be made to the RFA. The Oilers have not expressed any interest in making an RFA offer, but would consider a trade even though Kessel is likely to miss the first month or so of the season.

Todd Bertuzzi - Had planned to announce his signing as imminent with Detroit and was announced this morning. What most people are ignoring is that Detroit is now over the cap and will have to make a move, even if only a minor one to get back underneath.

Petr Sykora - Tampa looks like his new home. The Oilers aren't interested even though it might be worth seeing if he'd accept league minimum something under $1 million to play here. He tends to score 20 goals no matter who he plays with and brings some leadership and depth on a very young team. Skyora is still working without an agent which may explain one of the reasons he's not yet signed.

More to come later tonight...


I say yes to Sykora. I wasn't really sure why we let him walk the last time. Plus, he even liked it in Edmonton. Isn't that what we want?

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