So What Are the Options?

We've heard from all sides. Heatley claims it has nothing to do with Edmonton and everything to do with options. As if magically, despite the NHL salary cap; the multiple no movement clauses and the sheer lack of desire from some teams to take on a contract the size of Heatley's; that somehow a multiple number of offers will still come forward. He must not understand that these options he speaks of aren't likely. I'm more inclined to believe it's not options plural that Heatley truly wants, but one more option -- besides Edmonton.

We know the Oilers were not on his original list. We don't know why and no media outlets asked if Heatley would change his stance on the Oilers should it come down to only Ottawa and Edmonton; but from the sounds of it, perhaps they didn't have to. Heatley is not coming to the Oilers. That much can be read from his tone, body language and dissmissal to give more than it "has nothing to do with Edmonton".

So what are Heatley's options? He may not know it, but very few are likely when you consider Brian Murray wants to get something for his superstar scorer.

San Jose has superstars, all of whom have no trade clauses and thus far refused to leave for Ottawa. Marleau has been asked and declined. Cheechoo and Erhoff offered, but declined by Ottawa. Either someone has to give or San Jose is out.

Minnesota has $4 million before they hit the cap. Unless they are willing to move a Brent Burns and a Pierre-Marc Bouchard, which is unlikely for one player it doesn't make a lot of sense. Havlat and Heately would make a great one two punch, but I'm not inclined to believe it will happen. I do think however, of the options Minnesota may be the most realistic.

Vancouver has even less room plus the Sedins. You don't put Heatley with them cause a monkey could score 20 goals on that line. Moving to Vancouver would make Heatley's whole "diminished role" mumbo jumbo just fodder and significantly reduce the odds that Vancouver can spend what it will take to keep Luongo. I suppose Pavol Demitra and Kevin Bieksa might be at least a conversation starter in Ottawa, but I think the focus is and will remain Luongo and that just leaves Heatley out of the question.

Calgary would have to trade Phaneuf. Enough said. Sutter has said he intends to keep that d-core together and win games 2-1 or 1-0. Not exactly the style that fits Heatley. Although I suppose Iginla and Heatley would be interesting. I'd make that trade if I'm Calgary, but I'm not sure Ottawa accepts it.

The Rangers are out, unless they've been signing players with the intent to trade them. I suppose never say never with Glen Sather. You'd almost have to look at Drury for Heatley straight across to make the cap work and for Ottawa, that's one of those "you can't be serious"offers Murray was probably talking about. Sure if you could move Rozsival, that works too, but Sather would have to pull some magic to have enough d-men to play 2009/2010 and fit within the cap. You can only trade so many overpaid players before you run out of the ones other teams might find attractive.

Chicago hardly needs more press -- oh yeah and they're as close to the cap without going over as you'll get. It's like the perfect "Price is Right" bid.

I'm sure I'm missing other teams, since again, no media asked Dany who was actually on his list; but perhaps you get where I'm going with this.

I believe Murray when he says, they're just aren't the offers Heatley thinks there are. I'm sure Heatley is right in that teams would like him. They just can't make it happen under the cap and league rules and as such just aren't trying.

If Heatley goes, and it's likely this could still happen. It won't be to a team he wants and that sucks because Edmonton actually wanted Dany Heatley.


Fuck I really hope Tambo and KLowe hold grudges. I would LOVE to see Heatly not make Team Canada. I am going to the Red vs White Team Canada game on Thursday and I CANNOT wait to hurl beer at this motherfucker.

I hope someone throws a burning shopping cart at his head when he comes to Edmonton ... Cup Run style!

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It could have been so sweet if this deal had worked out (and Heatley hadn't been such a dink). I was so excited for the 15 minutes or so after the deal was announced - before it fell through. This changes our team a lot, but I think if we tweak our 3rd and 4th lines a bit, we're a playoff team. It sucks, but I think I'm ready to move on.

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