What Would You Give For 1 and 2?

The big word coming from all sorts of reliable sources is that Steve Tambellini is doing everything he can to convince Boston GM Peter Chiarelli to move the 2nd overall pick and let the Oilers draft one and two.

We've heard everything from roster players to Edmonton's highest end prospects and players to some crazy theories and the response has been everything from "noooo!" to "I'd do anything to get both".

David Staples for example tweeted "Tambellini of Oilers is going hard after Seguin AND Hall, might offer up some combo of Eberle, Paajarvi, Hemsky." I sure hope that by combo it's not all three.

I had reported earlier on twitter that I had word that Eberle and Hemsky was offered and turned down. What else has to be included? Would it really be worth moving the Oilers big name prospects from the last two drafts and the Oilers best player to obtain these two top tier picks?

To me, if the offer is really that high and from what we hear Peter Chiarelli sticks to his guns and isn't going to move the 2nd pick, this would be one the best trades to never happen.

Hemsky, Paarjarvi and Eberle is a huge overpayment. While nothing is confirmed and the offer not confirmed to have been made, why would Boston say no? Obviously Edmonton would also have to take some salary back and even if we were to overrate our prospects, which we often tend to do, this by anyones standards is a lot to give.

What would you give?

Less than an hour to go... it's starting to get crazy.


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