Big Oilers Updates Starting to Come In?

Just a quick hit here on some news that might be of interest to Oilers fans. It sounds like the Oilers and Florida have had more than a few talks about the #15 pick. Those discussions have gotten stronger and the Oilers plus a few other teams have sent out a few more feelers and a name that has popped up more than once is Keith Ballard.

Ballard is a veteran d-man that the Oilers could use and doesn't get enough credit. Could Penner be moved for #15 and Keith Ballard?

It has also been reported that Steve Tambellini phoned Boston GM Peter Chiarelli and made a pitch for the 2nd overall pick. We've heard that the offer was nothing to scoff at and Chiarelli quickly said no.

That tells me two things. Nothing will get Boston to move the 2nd pick and Edmonton is drafting Taylor Hall. If Edmonton is going to the Bruins and not the other way around, both teams are now settled and know who they're taking.

If the Oilers were taking Seguin, Edmonton wouldn't be making a call for #2. They'd be expecting Boston to call them.


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