I Hope It Went Well, It's A Team I Want To Go To"

For any doubters out there that thought Taylor Hall would be the type of player to mad tail it out of Edmonton the first chance he gets if drafted by the Oilers, watch the 'Oil Change' documentary that aired on TSN tonight.

I have no doubt at all now that Hall and Edmonton are a perfect match and that Taylor Hall excudes everything the Oilers could want in a kid joining their team. Edmonton has obviously made character a key criteria in whomever they choose to draft first overall and Taylor Hall passed all tests with flying colors.

It leaves little doubt in my mind, that unless a deal gets done between Boston and Edmonton mere minutes before the draft, Edmonton will be taking Taylor Hall and Taylor Hall will be as excited as any draftee on draft day to be going to Edmonton.

I was like many that tried to figure out what these kids might be thinking. I assumed that with Bobby Orr as Hall's agent, Taylor fitting in depth chart wise better with the Bruins than with Edmonton and of course Edmonton...being well Edmonton, that Hall wouldn't welcome the city as his new home. In terms of who I thought might stick it out as an Oiler, I was on Seguin's side.

The documentary changed everything for me and one sentence (the title of this article) and the way in which Taylor Hall said it gave me goose bumps as an Oiler fan. This kid is going to be exciting, he wants to be one of the best players in the NHL and he loves the spotlight that will come with this city's fans. Taylor Hall and Edmonton just seem to make sense.

Having said all of the above, I won't be upset should the Oilers choose Seguin. After all, I was always of the thought he'd welcome being drafted here. I also think he's a great player and a tremendous prospect who much like Hall, the Oilers can build around.

But something about how Taylor Hall wanted so badly to have impressed the Oilers after his scouts meeting has put me more clearly on Hall's side than at anytime leading up to Friday. With the character of both Hall and Seguin, I'm not at all surprised that rumblings exist that Tambellini might make a pitch to Boston for the #2 pick to draft both kids.

Spend this much time with and following anyone and you're bound to find reasons to want them both on your side.


After watching Oil Change, I have also decided that Hall is our man. Check out this part of the documentary:

Kevin Lowe: You get up every time and it never seems to phase you so that's an admirable quality but you know, people in the industry are wondering what's going to happen when it's Chara ...

Taylor Hall: Obviously like I know I'm getting hit. I brace myself for those hits. It's not like I don't know it's coming. It's not like I have my head down ... See Morethe whole time. It's just, I have to go through those places. If I'm just staying on the wall and waiting for my pass, a seam pass, when I'm moving my feet or standing still and then I make a soft chip, that's an average play.

That's how I've always played my game ... just on the edge, desperate, aggressive and just trying to make plays all over.

The part where he suggests that an average play just isn't good enough makes me want to buy him a milkshake.

One thing of note though ... the documentary sure seemed to favor Seguin IMO. I noticed it from the start. Where Tyler was featured as the first face on the screen. Also after the Seguin meeting with the Oiler's brass, it sure seemed that they were BIG fans with Tambo patting him on the back like an old friend ... this has me a bit worried ...

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I can't say I'm worried because if there's one thing that documentary did, was give me the impression that both Boston and Edmonton will be getting fantastic players.

Even if they draft Seguin, I'll be a huge fan.

I too liked the "avergage play" comment as it seems to be that he has a hunger. I found while he's not as outspoken as Seguin, this documentary did a lot to show a more personal side to Hall and Seguin's answers I've heard numerous times on other interviews. Just a bit more coached of a response.

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