McKenzie Ranks Hall #1 and Oilers Ending Up With Dylan McIlrath?

TSN's Bob McKenzie has come out with his final NHL draft ranking for Fridays draft. Not surprisingly, he's got LW Windsor Spitfire star Taylor Hall ranked at the top of the heap.

Meanwhile, Sportsnet is reporting that Boston GM Peter Chiarelli and Oilers GM Steve Tambellini spoke on Saturday about the potential of trading picks.

The Oilers and Bruins seem to have similar final lists in terms of who they would take as the consensus number one. While neither is showing their hand as to who they've ranked at the top, it sounds as though Hall has edged out Seguin in both teams eyes. The difference here is that the Oilers are leaning much closer to "settling" with Tyler Seguin.

The Oilers really wouldn't be settling, but I use the term to suggest that moreso than Boston, Edmonton would move the required pieces needed to facilitate drafting Seguin and moving up into the first round at the same time.

To do so, would put the Oilers right at the #15 spot, ironically where big and tough defenceman Dylan McIlrath is listed on TSN's rankings. For Edmonton to pick up both Seguin and McIlrath would be a great day for the franchise and fill two needs quickly.

McIlrath by TSN's report is "big, physical, mean and tough defensive defenceman who is the unanimous choice of scouts surveyed by TSN as the “toughest player” in the entire draft. He had 19 fighting majors this season and didn’t lose too many, by all accounts. Say no more."

Tell me that's not what the Oilers need right now. A strong d-man who while not a shoe-in to play this season, won't be that far off knowing he possesses skills that make him a quicker jump than most d-men out of an NHL draft might be. Right in time to protect a number of the young, skilled stars Edmonton has joining the team.

Sportsnet does go on to suggest that the Bruins and Oilers might talk a bigger package than just the 1st and 2nd picks, even including a name like Dustin Penner. I would hope not as without another trade over the weekend to bring in a bonafide NHL'er, the Oilers would be lacking in proven ready players.

The intrigue usually starts with McKenzie's list. This year will be no exception. His twitter feed suggesting this may be the busiest two weeks in the NHL he can remember have many of us really excited.


I don't think a trade or a swap of the 1,2 picks are going down.

I think the Oilers take Taylor Hall and then try and trade something to the Bruins for the #15.

June 22, 2010 at 8:54 AM comment-delete

It does seem that the more we hear, the more Edmonton is leaning to drafting Hall, however I still think as the draft approaches and late on Friday, they'll be a trade and the Oilers will take Seguin.

It is my hope that Edmonton gets at least the 15th overall in that swap so they can draft a defenceman.

June 22, 2010 at 9:51 AM comment-delete

Smoke and mirrors - smoke and mirrors. If I were the Oilers, I would do the same thing. It is the only way to squeeze out a trade from the Bruins.

June 23, 2010 at 6:45 AM comment-delete

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