Quinn Out, Renney In...#15 Pick Goes to Florida

Pat Quinn has been moved onwards and upwards. Tom Renney has been named the new head coach of the Edmonton Oilers.

This really comes as little surprise. The two headed monster was rearing it's head last season and many thought a change would be made where one voice, that of Tom Renney would be the voice to lead this new Oilers team through a rebuild.

Pat Quinn wasn't likely to be fired as he was a personal hire of Steve Tambellini, so moving him into the organization in other areas where his vast NHL experience will be greatly used makes sense.


In other news, the Florida Panthers have traded Nathan Horton to the Boston Bruins for Dennis Wiedman the 15th overall pick and a 2011 3rd round draft selection. We knew Boston had Horton on their radar, but we thought it might come after the draft selection of one and two.

This could be a possible hint.

Either Boston has settled on drafting Seguin and there won't be a trade happening with Edmonton, or that trade just got a whole lot bigger than the 1st for the 2nd and 15th overall.

With Wideman gone, does this open things up for a discussion about Souray? Perhaps. Could Souray staying away from Hall and something else equal out to Seguin, Ryder and something else?

It's all wild speculation now, but its something to keep our eyes on.


I saw/heard that those who claim to be in the know suggest a whopper of a trade between Boston and Edmonton - that always makes life interesting. Edmonton does have a few bodies to bury somewhere.

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