Quick Oilers Rumours Regarding Draft Day

While there is nothing confirmed, some quick hits are coming out of the draft regarding the Oilers and some possbile movement.

The Oilers are really high on Evander Kane. They are making a bunch of calls trying to get up to the #5 spot, possibly the number 4. Should they be working with LA (a team they have a lot of history with) the talk is that Sheldon Souray plus the number #10 to LA for the #5 overall pick plus a roster player. Not sure what that something else is, but the Oilers are interested in Dustin Brown and Frolov.

Should they think that Evander Kane won'tbe available at #5, expect a push up one more spot with Atlanta to #4. What is being offered there if anything so far is undetermined.
Heatley trade talks have really slowed down with all teams including the Oilers. Much like when Pronger was traded, the value for Heatley is at an all time low and Bryan Murray and the Heatley camp may really have handcuffed themselves. If Heatley is moved don't expect a lot going back as was previously rumoured. The chances are, Heatley may actually stay in Ottowa.

More to come as news comes in...


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