Heatley to Minnesota?

While news has been running rampant over speculation of what was going to happen with Dany Heatley, Ryan Rishaug of TSN seems to have broken a tid bit live from the draft in Montreal that the Minnesota Wild are putting together a bid to bring the goal scoring forward west, essentially replacing Marian Gaborik who is on the way out.

This news comes also with word that the Oilers and Steve Tambellini have had second thoughts about aquiring Heatley in a trade thanks to reports and further due diligence that Heatley comes with too much baggage to give up much in terms of Oilers heading to the Senators.

Reporting that Heatley was tremendously out of shape towards the end of the season last year, coupled with some personal off the ice issues, the Oilers are having second thoughts and either a) feel that money can be better spent in other places or that the asking price is too steep considering the newly discovered issues and the $4 million bonus due to Heatley on July 1st.

So where does this leave Edmonton in the mix? Well its possible that Tambellini may now decide to go after a forward like Marian Hossa or sign Jay Bouwmeester and trade one of his three defencemen in Visnovsky, Souray or Gilbert to improve the forward position.

No matter what happens, the Heatley possibilities moved from what might be considered a good possibility to less than a 5% chance that anything with the 50 goal scorer will happen.


All this said, I hope the OilersInsider is wrong. I don't want the Oilers to trade any of Visnovsky, Souray, or Gilbert! They are good players -

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I agree. I do like the fact that the Oilers seem to have a depth of good and in many cases young defencemen. Signing Grebeshkov would round out a nice core of players.

The good news is Tambellini did go on record saying he didn't want to change or move any of his first 4 defencemen. I think a trade of those players I mentiond would have to be of great magnitude and really be an improvement to our forwards line up.

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