Hockey in Phoenix – Well, It’s Cheap by: "The Prof"

I see that mega rich Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has promised to make an offer by Friday to buy the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes and keep the team in Arizona. Now the question is: do I support hockey in Phoenix? Yes – and here’s why.

Perhaps I am being a bit cheeky, but I support hockey in Phoenix because I can see the Oilers play easier and almost as cheaply as I can in Edmonton. Last year, “center” ice down low tickets in Rexall Place cost $224 per seat. And many of these are not really “center” ice – they go far past the neutral zone, well into each offensive/defensive end. That is $450 for you and your wife – not counting parking or baby sitting. Say you want some food – and the cost would be up to just under $500 – if you don’t splurge on your meal. OK, by the time you leave home to return home from that game, you have spent – say - $510.00.

Now, say you want to watch the Oilers play in Phoenix. Similar tickets could be had last year for $25 US – say $30 Canadian or $60 for two tickets. And this included food! You leave your house in Edmonton, drive to the airport - $10 gas return. You park for 2 days in Park N’Fly - $20. You booked early and your Westjet ticket costs you $93 plus tax – say $135 – each way, or $270.00 – or $540 for two. We are talking $630 for two for the entire trip.

Oh, and if you add a place to stay for say two nights in Phoenix – at $200. And ground transportation – car rental for $20 per day – use Priceline. That is $850 for a three-day vacation in Arizona – including a great Oiler game.

Not to mention the +25 C warm weather in January or February. So, do I support hockey in Phoenix – you bet!

What do you think? Should fans support a team in a market that doesn't seem to be able to support it?


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