Subban Back on the Board?

There was some talk a while back that P.K. Subban was a rumor to go to Edmonton along with the #3 for #1 overall and something else. We're hearing that Montreal squashed that back when it last came out. Now, we're hearing the talk may be back on.

Word is Montreal is quietly shopping Subban and has contacted Edmonton to see if something can be done. Mark Spector reports that going the other way might be Smid or Petry, so this trade could involve a lot of moving pieces.

Even more interesting is that Jason Gregor reports that Igor Larionov (Yakupov's agent) was asked to come on Gregor's show and flat out refused. His exact words were, "Edmonton doesn't talk to me and I don't talk to Edmonton.". Gregor further added that Larionov was not a happy camper.

Could it be that Edmonton has informed Larionov that they don't intend to take Yakupov? Not sure why they would do that, but I guess anything is possible.

This just got very interesting. Edmonton may be maneuvering to move to #3 where they can grab Murray or Reinhart and get Subban back in trade.


Dumb, won't happen, forget it. If Subban is traded to Edmonton, it won't be to just move up 2 ranks for the Montreal Canadiens, as the gap between the best forwards of this draft is not that big. Subban + 33rd overall for 1st overall would probably be the deal at this point.

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If the Oilers are looking at having to move Petry or Smid as part of the deal, Montreal would have to include #3. No way that Edmonton moves #1 and Smid or Petry for just Subban and a second rounder.

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