Draft Day Rumors Hit 1

We'll be coming to you a few times with updates on what we're hearing regarding a big day for the Oilers at the draft. Update 1... and away we go.

Keith Yandle

The Oilers are not really big players here. Edmonton is well aware they need to upgrade their blue line, but the asking price for Yandle (who is not actively being shopped by the Coyotes) is a top six forward preferred to be center. From what we hear, Edmonton is willing to move Gagner, but is more interested in Hemsky going the other way.

No official inquiry or offer has been made from what we understand. Pittsburgh may be the biggest player here.

Ryan Murray

There is some real concern among fans that Edmonton will pass on the best player as listed by almost all scouts in Nail Yakupov and draft Ryan Murray. We've learned there should be some concern. The Oilers have let their staff and management know, but not released to anyone else who they've deemed #1. It could be Murray. My guess is 50/50 that it's Murray or Yakupov. I'm still on Yakupov, but won't be at all surprised if Murray is who they've identified and Edmonton is prepared to let the intrigue and excitement among the fans continue.

It's worrying a lot of fans, but it's go them talking and that's what Edmonton wants.

Griffin Reinhart

Edmonton has not labelled Reinhart as the #1 selection. Should Edmonton keep the pick, he will not be chosen. But, they do like Reinhart -- and a lot. If they can successfully manage a move within the top #4, Edmonton may see what's available.

Edmonton is worried at the Islanders will take Reinhart, so they can't trade below #4.

Sam Gagner

Is not being shopped, but Edmonton is listening and there are teams interested. Edmonton sounds only willing to move Gagner if they can add a significant roster piece of need. That be a top four defensman or another centre of Gagner's caliber in which the Oilers would have to give up another prospect to get the deal done. Some talk involves Niklas Hjalmarsson from Chicago, but nothing major has been done yet.

More to come...


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