First Piece to Fall?

Jordan Staal has just given the Pittsburgh Penguins a pretty good indication he won't be staying long-term. Bob Mckenzie reports that Staal has turned down a 10-year extension from the Penguins.

Obviously the contract was a healthy one as it would have been a raise over this current $4 million cap hit. This is a pretty good sign that Staal has his sights set on being more than a third line center. This is also an opening for teams to come calling Penguin GM Ray Shero. Staal could be the first to move.

There are plenty of teams interested and one might be the Edmonton Oilers. Going the other way would for sure be center Sam Gagner and as would a defensive prospect and likely a draft pick.

The question becomes, outside of size, point totals haven't been a big game changer in Staals game versus Gagners. If Staal won't sign a minimum $40 million dollar deal, what would it take to make that trade and sign him in Edmonton.

My guess, is Carolina is the front runner. The Hurricanes are looking to improve their forward depth and rumors were were there was some interest in Gagner for the #8 pick. If Staal could be had instead, Carolina would be sure to do so.


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