Strudwick Signed, Souray on Waivers

The Edmonton Oilers bring a veteran leader with little hockey skill back and they try to give away a highly offensively skilled cancer in the lockerroom. This wouldn't normally be the soundest of moves until you realize that we're talking about Jason Strudwick and Sheldon Souray.

The Oilers have re-signed Strudwick to a 1yr contract. We don't know the terms yet, but one would have to assume somewhere in the $700,000 range. Strudwick brings a strong work ethic a good attitude for a pro and leadership skills. This has to be why Edmonton sees him playing here next season.

The Oilers have also decided that getting the bad out is critical despite the return, thus the big quick to speak Souray has been placed on waivers by Edmonton. Souray is an ex- allstar who offers a ton of offense when healthy. The Oilers I guess don't care because he's a gonner.

Edmonton is hoping that they can repeat the success they had in moving Patrick O'Sullivan and Ethan Moreau. It's a decent bet that some NHL team will take a chance and pick up Souray's last two years at $5.4 million if they have to give nothing back. It's also possible that because they can't give anything back (namely salary), Souray's big cap hit will be too much to swallow.

The Oilers should have an answer by this afternoon.


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