Oilers Sign Alexandre Giroux

Right after we wrote an article suggesting the Oilers had done well to pick up toughness in trades and free agency and should go back to finding skill, the Oilers sign Alexandre Giroux. If there is a definition of skill at the AHL level, Giroux is that guy.

Giroux has scored goals at the pace of 36, 42, 33, 60 and 50 in his last five minor league seasons and won the AHL MVP award in 08'/09, having also won back-to-back Calder Cup Championships the past two seasons as a member of the Hershey Bears. Giroux hasn't spent much time in the NHL (only 9 games in Washington last year and a few games with Tom Renney in New York), but this new one way contract with the Oilers will change that.

In a Hartford Wolf Pack News & Commentary interview Giroux told Howlings, that he had other NHL options, including an offer from the New York Islanders. He also had a much more substantial $1.3mm offer from the KHL that he leaves on the table in order to complete his dream of being a regular NHL player. He does it with no regrets. “It was a lot of money and it was a hard decision, but I’m really excited to have this chance to make an NHL roster,” the recently turned 29-year old said. “Coach Renney is a great coach and the organization has such a great history. I’m looking forward to going there and giving it everything I’ve got to help the team become a contender once again and prove I belong there.”

This is a one way deal for Giroux. Meaning, if he doesn't make the team out of camp, he'll be paid well to make Oklahoma a much better team. Giroux is thinking he'll make, the Oilers seem to think he'll make it, so it has to be asked, who isn't going to make it.

Interesting question.


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