Moreau, O'Sullivan and Nilsson on Waivers

** Update: Marc Spector tweeted that according to Pat Morris (Ethan Moreau's agent), Moreau has cleared waivers and been bought out.

We expected it and today it happened. Three of Edmonton's under-performing forwards have been placed on waivers with the likelihood that a buyout or two will occur today or tomorrow.

Ethan Moreau, Patrick O'Sullivan and Robert Nilsson are looking at a possible end to their careers as Edmonton Oilers.

All three make far more than an equal or lesser counterpart would from free agency and all three make more money than their current level of production suggests they should.

O'Sullivan is scheduled to make $2.95 million next season, while both Moreau and Nilsson are slated to earn $2 million each.

Come July 1st, the Oilers should have no problem filling holes at lesser price tags or giving opportunities to prospects and rookies coming out for this years camp.

The Oilers should know by tomorrow who, if not all three will clear waivers and who, if not all three will be bought out. The only sad part here and Wanye over at Oilers Nation writes an excellent tidbit about feeling the need to waive your team captain is that Ethan Moreau is one of these three players and a trade couldn't get done before this move was necessary.

There was a time that Ethan Moreau was well deserving of his salary and was a one time 20 goal scorer and ideal idea of what an Oiler should be. Now that time is gone and while I'm happy that space gets cleared for the signing of possibly Mike Comrie (who I think is a much better option) and Ryan Jones who fills this role more appropriately; this also gives prospects like Magnus Paajarvi, Jordan Eberle and Linus Omark a fighting chance.

It's that fight the Oilers hope to see and the reason POS, Nilsson and Moreau (or at least two) were waived in the first place.


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