Who Will You Be Cheering For?

The 30th place Oilers take on the 29th place Maple Leafs in a "Battle of the Basement" on Hockey Night in Canada's opening game.

In any other circumstance, Oilers fans would want this game more than most in the win column, as the hate on for Toronto, the direct magnitude of an opening game on CBC, and the Oilers wanting to stick it a bit more to Brian Burke, just has a nice to ring to it.

Except of course, if you consider that a win against the Maple Leafs would put the Oilers a tiny five points behind Toronto in the standings and on the line is the first overall, in some cases even 2nd overall pick if the Oilers let the Leafs finish last by seasons end.

So, who will you be cheering for?

The Oiler players don't want to lose. They've said as much realizing exactly what's at stake. The coaching staff doesn't want the team to lose... they never should.

The fans may be another story.

I'm not one of those fans as my least favorite team in the NHL is the Maple Leafs. My least favorite GM, Brian Burke and I think, they'll be plenty of opportunity for the Oilers to lose the correct amount of games to keep that number one pick.

Go Oilers!.


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