Should They Or Shouldn't They?: Jordan Eberle's Immediate Future With the Oilers

It's likely not a surprise if you've followed it closely, but it sounds as though the Edmonton Oilers will not be bringing Jordan Eberle to the NHL at any point this season.

For fans looking for something bright in an otherwise dingy and dark season, this news comes as another one in the long line of disappointments surrounding this Oilers team. But much like looking at the bigger picture in terms of a rebuild, are the Oilers making the right decision holding Eberle back?

At a season ticket renewal meeting, the question was posed to Tambellini who quickly stressed the Oilers would not introduce Eberle to a less than healthy dressing room environment by bringing him to the Oilers now. Instead, he'll finish the season with the Springfield Falcons of the AHL.

What would you like to see as a fan?

Are you ok knowing that Eberle, who sits 3rd in scoring of the WHL, will get a bit more experience in a pro league like the AHL before he makes the jump? Or are you a season ticket holder or paying fan who wants something to cheer for?

The Minnesota game was a sample of what might be for the next little while as there were some 3000 empty seats and a less than average crowd response to the game. Bringing Eberle up will sell more tickets no doubt. But is the small picture worth hindering his development?

Maybe you believe at this point, he's ready. That keeping him down where he seems to dominate and be productive in every league he plays outside the NHL is a waste of his time and he should find some chemistry with his future teammates.

I might argue, while he's produced effectively in his previous AHL time, he didn't dominate and that by bringing him to the NHL now, (a big jump from where he's currently playing) a more natural transition from one league to another, then finally the NHL makes the most sense.

I might also argue that having him get used to linemates that may not be playing with the Oilers next season doesn't help build his chemistry and that it's likely true that the environment surrounding the team is less than positive. There are bound to be changes and Eberle staying put is one of the only constants.

That said, there is somthing to be said for allowing a player to come play in the NHL, when there is absolutely no pressure to win. If the Oilers finish 30th, all the better. If Eberle gets 10 points in the last 15 games, great. If he gets 4 points, fine. The Oilers can call it the start of his transition to the pros and the fans will buy it.

What would you do?


If he can prove he's above AHL competition a few games down there, bring him up. But start him in the AHL, and ask him to prove he's better than that league.

I don't buy the argument that it's not a great environment in Edmonton; do you think it's better in Springfield? If anything, it has to be worse, since the players down there don't have million dollar salaries to comfort them.

March 8, 2010 at 9:29 AM comment-delete

I would lean towards sending him to the A. I'm a huge Oiler fan but I know that Eberle could provide just the spark WE DON'T NEED right now. We have already won 2 straight and catching up to the Leafs ... this is turning into a disaster. I would hate for Jordan to come up and take us into 29th or 28th spot based on his ability ... we need to tank, now win. Remember what happened the year we drafted Gagner? Had we lost that last game to Calgary, we would have drafted Patrick Kane. Now I like Sam but you have admit that Patrick would be a much better player to build your team around.

If anything, we need to find ways to win 30th ... ie. LOSE.

March 8, 2010 at 9:53 AM comment-delete

I will say, that I never thought I'd cheer for the Leafs, but when I saw them score a goal the other night to send it to O.T., I couldn't help but cheer out loud. It was a weird feeling.

I don't think there is a chance at this stage the Oilers finish anything but 29th or 30th, but finishing last gives the Oilers a no brainer even if they lose the lottery. They get to take either Hall or Seguin after the team that wins the lottery picks one.

I'd like to see Eberle if and when the Oilers are mathematically finishing last regardless of wins or losses.

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