No One Seems Too Bothered By The Loss, Except the Coach Whose Job It Is To Be Bothered

The Oilers lost a stinker on Tuesday night. And despite Jeff Deslauriers efforts, who by the way was fantastically good for 40 minutes, as has happened so often this year, the score caught up to the many chances the Oilers gave their opponents.

Fans don't seem too bothered by another loss. In fact, as I left the building after a 4-1 routing by the Senators, many fans were kind of relieved a two game winning streak had come to an end for their Oilers, who they are now hoping obtain the #1 pick in this years NHL entry draft.

With the #30 spot, the worst the Oilers could do, even if they lost the lottery, is obtain either Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall. Both players look to be great NHL'ers in the not so distant future.

The problem, was that the Toronto Maple Leafs were inching ever so closely to contending for the 30th spot and thus should the Oilers place 29th and lose the lottery, could obtain neither of the two previously mentioned names.

For Oiler fans looking to rebuild and putting up with a Visnovsky trade, that kind of failure is simply unacceptable.

The loss didn't stop Pat Quinn from placing all the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Oilers forwards who left the defence (and a young one at that) out to dry, by playing most of the game in the Oilers own zone.

From start to finish Edmonton was outshot, outplayed and outchanced by a wide margin. The defence had to be better than they should be, and Deslauriers had to be better than good for 40 minutes. The Oiler goalie stood no chance, and even a weak goal that opened the flood gates could hardly be blamed on Deslauriers, who must have been gassed after standing on his head.

To boot, the Oilers lost Patrick O'Sullivan 5 minutes in to a nasty slash, which immediately required a "procedure" and O'Sullivan will be out for a undetermined time.

Who gets called up will be interesting. More interesting, will be if fans and management hope it's just someone good enough to keep this team in a lock for 30th place.


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