Oilers Should Bring in a Faceoff Coach

So if the Oilers aren't going to sign anyone and they aren't going to trade anyone, what happens? Well unless they can figure out a way to increase the production of guys like Cogliano, Pouliot, Brule, Gagner, O'Sullivan or any one of our 8 or 9 natural centres on this team in the faceoff circle, the Oilers are facing a real problem.

Since this seems to be more realistic and frankly kind of a scary thought, how do you solve a problem like this? To me it's simple. There is an excess of players on the UFA market that can't seem to find a place to play. Furthermore, there are a number of players whom over the past couple of years have retired and left the game as a player, but might want to introduce themselves to the world of coaching in the NHL.

Since there is no salary cap on coaching, and likely enough room in the Oilers press box to add one more seat, why not hire a faceoff coach?

The Oilers current and past who have developed the best faceoff %'s have done so under the guidance of player(s) whom while not the leading in offensive statistics on your team, showed their leadership and skill in other areas.

Horcoff and Jarret Stoll would be the first to admit that their faceoff skills vastly improved when Adam Oates joined the team. They got even better when Peca came aboard. Being around faceoff greatness, just trickled down and became contageous. Why couldn't this work for Cogliano, Pouliot or Gagner?

The answer is it could and if the Oilers don't find that faceoff guy to help out Shawn Horcoff it should. Should Peca not find a place to play, or Oates want back in, they'd make great coaches. Or how about a Yannic Perreault? There are other players out there that could share their skills, workouts, knowledge and secrets about an area where the Oilers could use it most.

I would guess too, that a move like this might help fans breathe a little easier knowing the players on the Oilers roster that need to get better will have the right tools to do so.


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