Eberle Already a Step Ahead

Jordan Eberle is already thought of differently than the other rookies at camp. While a scrimmage at Millenium Place took place in Sherwood Park with the rookie camp Wednesday, one name missing from the rink was Jordan Eberle.

Where was Eberle? Golfing and bonding with the rest of the pro roster and coaches at an allumni golf tournament. One doesn't have to look far to realize, while a rookie and maybe not an Oiler just yet, Eberle is steps ahead of being classified in the same light as the rest of the squad that skated lengths and drills Wednesday morning.

Eberle when asked was the first to admit that if you take a look at the Oilers depth chart, there aren't a lot of opportunities to make spaces for him this year, and those chances got even slimmer with the suggestion of Comrie's imminent signing, but maybe, just maybe Eberle on the team this year isn't so much a stretch anymore.

Should he be undeniably what the Oilers would like to add to the roster, it could fuel even more fire to the question of who would you trade if you could to add team toughness -- an area the Oilers lack and Eberle nor Comrie won't address.


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