Is Heatley Actually Still a Possibility?

The simple answer is yes. The complex answer is, there are a lot of things that have to happen first before Heatley or the Ottawa Senators come back and ask Edmonton to re-table their offer.

The rumored Heatley to San Jose trade is not accurate. Possible, but not accurate. Marleau has confirmed he has not been asked nor intends to waive his no trade clause. His plan is to stay
in San Jose and he was the Sharks piece that was to be moving in this three way deal between Ottawa, San Jose and LA. So too, all three GM's have denied the rumor, which means they're working together to keep it secret, or it simply isn't a correct rumor.

As a result, Heatley is expected to report to training camp on Saturday for the Senators. Thus enter in from left field the snag. While unlikely, Edmonton could find itself back in the fold if there are players in Ottawa that are steamed about Heatley's return. The professional thing to do would be to forgive or not forgive, but stay focused on hockey. Some may not be able to do so and if that's true, Heatley may find it far too uncomfortable to stay put. This goes too for the coaching staff who doesn't want to go down the Emery distraction type road again.

Edmonton, while not officially still holding an offer on the table, would field and take a call from Bryan Murray if Heatley had a change of heart. How can Edmonton not? They wanted Heatley, they waited and when they finally left, it wasn't out of anger, but public relations and timing that they felt a Heatley deal just wasn't going to happen and they needed to focus their attentions elsewhere.

Heatley solves a lot of problems for Edmonton. Sure it creates some new ones and the Oilers would have an interesting dichotomy between players and fans (ie. Comrie and Heatley on the Oilers can go either way in fans eyes), but the lines are a lot more solidified and the players involved in the earlier rumors are expendable in terms of the Oilers depth chart.

I write this knowing, that just as easily as it is to say Edmonton may have a part of future conversations with the Senators, other suitors of different variables from the San Jose side are just as viable an option. I don't know that I necessarily want to see the Oilers back in the fold, even if it were to happen; but long ago we said how complicated it would be for San Jose to get a deal done. We're now starting to really see it, as there just isn't any time before the NHL starts and there simply won't be a whole pile of new options open up for Heatley.


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