Roli Rolls On To NYI

It has been confirmed by TSN that Dwayne Roloson has signed in NYI and joins the revamped team to share the duties with Rick Dipietro. 2yrs @ $2.5 million per season are the terms.

This now leaves the Edmonton Oilers without a number 1 goaltender and focus shifts away from Heatley and to landing a netminder.

This is a good news bad news situation.

The good news, is that the only teams that were really in the market for a goaltender in Colorado, St. Louis and NYI now have their goalies in place, which leaves tenders like Biron, Clemmensen, Khabibulin, through free agency or Harding and perhaps Lethonen through trade.

The bad news is that this could possibly be considered another black eye for the city. Roloson who says he holds no ill feelings towards the Oilers said it was simply an issue of the extra year. Why can't Edmonton do what it needs to do to attract players and no keep players who would like to stay in the city.

The day is looking to start as many other July 1st days seem to for the Oilers. Lots of hope, but nothing on the horizon.


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