Quick Hockey News and Rumours Update June 30, 2009

Dwayne Roloson has not made any decisions on the 1yr $3 million dollar offer from the Edmonton Oilers and may wait until July 1st to see if any multi-year offers exist from other teams before making his decision. Rumour had it that Roloson might have been offered a 2yr deal in Detroit for significantly less money, but as a back-up to Chris Osgood; which may not be the highest priority for the 39 year old netminder. Tambellini has been said to have spoken to both Chicago and Minnesota about trades involving Huet and Harding as a back-up to Roloson signing somewhere other than Edmonton. Expect the goaltending issue to be the first thing to Oilers settle on the July 1st.

Sources say that Lecavalier was inches away from a trade over the draft weekend that would have made the soon to be 11yr contracted centre a Montreal Canadien. Both GM Brian Lawton and Oren Koules had ok'd the trade only to have it turned away last minute by Len Barrie -- co-owner of the Lightning -- who wants to keep the superstar in Tampa.

While interest is still out there for Lecavalier, it doesn't look as though this trade will happen in before noon on July 1st, when Vinnie's no movement clause and new contract kicks in.

The Sedin's have been given what many consider to be a final offer from Mike Gillis, GM of the Canucks in Sweden today. While it does not match the terms the Sedins had set, both twins are mulling over the offer and will decide by early tomorrow whether or not to test the free agency market. Should Henirk and Daniel decide to move on, word is that Gillis already has his eye on a couple big name tickets come noon on the 1st.

Komisarek has decided and told the Habs that he will be waiting until offers roll in from other teams on where he will be playing hockey next season. While he respects the Montreal offer and would like to stay; he is interested to see what kind of value is out there for a defenseman of his caliber.

An offer from the Calgary Flames has been tabled to Jay Bouwmeester that would allow the current core of d-men in Calgary to remains Flames. It is estimated at about 6.25 million per season, but no word on the length of term. Some are suggesting as many as a six year deal.

Marian Hossa may be all but complete and announced as returning to Detroit for a long term contract that will pay somewhere in the $5.5-$6 million per season range. That is a considerable pay cut to what he'd receive on the open market, but it's well known that Hossa would like to stay in Detroit and is seriously considering the pay cut to do so.

Havlat may be staying in Chicago, but only on a 1yr terms. The Blackhawks want to keep their options open when both Kane and Towes becomes RFA's and are willing to give the big bucks to Havlat now but only for 1yr, while they have the cap space to do so. LA and Vancouver are rumoured to have shown interest in Havlat on longer terms, but the forward would liket to stay in Chicago.

More to come as we hear more...


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