Quick News and Rumours Tuesday July 28, 2009

Peeters Hired in Anaheim

As is being reported by Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, former Edmonton Oilers goaltenders coach Pete Peeters has been hired by the Anaheim Ducks replacing Francois Allaire as the new goalies coach. For those that were not aware, Peeter's contract was not picked up by the Oilers on June 30th after serving 8 seasons in Edmonton.

Peeter's became known last year in Edmonton for his somewhat public dispute with Mathieu Garon and his comments on Garon's ability to be a starter. Some say it had a factor in Garon's move to Pittsburg last year.

P.J. Axelsson Leaving Boston

Axelsson had spent his entire 11-year NHL career with the Bruins, but the Boston Globe reports he'll now finish his playing career in his native Sweden. This in some way possibly makes a little more room for Kessel to stay a Bruin, but it seems that every time we think so, Boston turns around and makes a surprised move that moves them further from keeping Kessel on the roster. I for one, would love to see Kessel traded and I wouldn't be sad one bit to see it be to the Oilers.

Zherdev's Hearing Coming Quickly

Zherdev, the Post claims, is going to submit a case to make $4.5 million per season, while the Rangers are expected to submit a pitch around $3.25 million on July 31, 2009 when his arbitration hearing is set. The paper suggests Zherdev could be awarded between $3.85 million and $4.15 million per year on a new deal and if so that the Rangers would walk away leaving Zherdev a UFA. The Oilers I've been told are keeping a close eye on what happens in that hearing.

Oilers farther away from Malhotra Than Before

While Oiler fans seems unanimous in their desire to land a 3rd line centre, one name that came up continually -- Malhotra -- is moving farther and farther from possibly being in the hunt for that role. Word is that Atlanta has an offer on the table for Malhotra, a team for which he doesn't want to play and that the Red Wings have started to show some interest.

Heatley Still Not Going to San Jose

An offer of Patrick Marleau and Christian Erhoff (as we suggested might be a possible offer a week or so ago) was tabled by San Jose to Ottawa for Dany Heatley. Two things got in the way. Marleau's no-trade clause and Bryan Murray being unwilling to accept the deal thanks to salary cap complications.

We've always held that San Jose wants Heatley, but that a trade between the two teams was more than complicated. It could take all summer just for these two teams to sort out the salary cap implications to a deal like this.

San Jose is actively shopping Cheechoo in the meantime hoping to clear some cap space. The Oilers are on that list of teams to be which Cheechoo is being shopped.


Fuck Cheechoo. You can keep your $3M 12 goal scorer ... we already have enough of those.

July 28, 2009 at 9:34 AM comment-delete

I hope Heatley roits in hell...Cheechoo might be a good player to get because he has scored 56 goals and I think he could again!!!

July 28, 2009 at 10:04 AM comment-delete

Some strong opinions both ways. Cheechoo to me has been on the downhill, but a new team and new linemates could spark his physical style, which is something the Oilers said they needed.

The Heatley situation is slowly moving itself out of the standings in terms of hockey importance. I'd be more interested to what happens to the rest of the San Jose should they actually pull off a trade with Ottawa. Movement would be required with other roster players for certain.

July 28, 2009 at 10:19 AM comment-delete

$3M/year for the next 3 years with goal totals going from 56 to 37 to 23 to 12? Where's the upside?

July 28, 2009 at 10:44 AM comment-delete

Like I said, I agree that on paper, there may not be an upside, which is likely why San Jose is having trouble moving his contract.

I'm just not willing to throw out the possibility that a change of scenery wouldn't be a good thing for Cheechoo.

Having said that, I don't necessarily want him here but am simply reporting the Oilers having expressed interest.

July 28, 2009 at 12:06 PM comment-delete

Though I agree that Cheechoo probably needs a new place to resurrect his career, I can't believe that the Oilers are at all interested in this bag o crap.

Look at it this way, Cheechoo had Thorton and Marleau to play with when he scored his 56 goals ... the Oilers, truth be told, have no players of that stature.

I cannot fathom any team taking on the headache that is Cheechoo without San Jose sending him down on waivers and someone picking him up on re-entry waivers at 1/2 his salary. I would also think that San Jose has considered buying out his contract ... what with their cap issues and all.

Though I love Fernando for what he did in the cup run, I could compare his numbers with Cheechoo's pretty well for the last couple of years anyways. I think you would agree that the Oiler nation has always cursed his contract under their collective breaths but he's such a true copper and blue Oiler that everyone has turned a blind eye to his production. Plus he had that bad ass ulcerative collitus bout ...

All I am saying is that we need a first line winger that can score ... I'm still holding out hope for Heatley to be quite honest. Cheechoo is definately not our guy.

July 28, 2009 at 12:44 PM comment-delete

Agreed. Cheechoo is not the first line LW I think the Oilers truly want. To take on someone like him, more would have to come for the team to be considered improved to the standards we or they would like to see. Off of waivers for half his salary, I'd take a chance as I'm sure would about 10 other teams.

But if I were to play Devil's Advocate here, I would make this argument. He has been a 20 goal scorer for all of his years except last year when he missed almost 20 games and demoted in ice-time significantly. In fact, each year he's been seeing less and less ice time, which may have something to do with his decreased numbers and San Jose's depth at forward in that past three years. He likes to shoot, he's gritty and has a fair amount of PM's knowing he can stand up for his teammates, so it may be understandable to see why the Oilers have interest or at the very least been contacted.

Could be one of the reasons I've heard the Islanders are interested in him at his going rate. He'll get significant playing time for a team like that.

Cheechoo is a prime example of why I've always claimed moving a player like Heatley to San Jose is next to impossible. Players like Cheechoo and his $3 mill have to be moved first for the Sharks to have options. While his numbers in the past have been good, there is no guarantee that in taking on a Heatley, you could move Cheechoo after the fact and you risk either waiving him or moving a different piece you'd have rather kept..

July 28, 2009 at 1:44 PM comment-delete

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