More of the Same Rob Schremp? Or Mr. New and Improved?

In a very interesting interview conducted by Dan Tencer of the Edmonton Oilers and 630CHED, Rob Schremp had the chance to let off a little steam. Smartly, Schremp stayed within the boundries of what would be considered whiny and pity-seeking, using only the openings given to him by Mr. Tencer to relay a somewhat universal belief amongst Edmonton fans -- that we've yet to really see what Rob Schremp can do. After all, some would argue that he has a right to be a little sour.

In December and as Tencer states, about a month before Craig MacTavish ripped him in the media, Schremp earned a call-up to the big club and got a brief chance thanks to an injury to Robert Nilsson. To his credit, and undoubtedly a reason many Oiler fans still yearn for the day Schremp is a fixture for the Oilers, he didn't disappoint. He put up three assists and a +2 rating in his first two games. "It was fun," smiles Schremp. "I knew the situation. I was there to replace Robert Nilsson while he was injured; I knew I only had two weeks to do something". Many argue, Schremp should have been given a bit longer to see if he could have continued the streak.

We all know Schremp has skill, we've seen his dazzling shootout moves. If you haven't check out the video below:

That said, Schremp has been knocked for his lack of speed and ability to play a physical game, both of which he denies are a problem. But who are we to believe? The player who gets 3 points in two games or the one who struggles mightily in the minors after his brief stint with the big boys?

When Craig MacTavish at the time comes out with quotes like, "We all know what he can do, he's got decent hands, he can work a power play okay, but he's slow, he's not a physical player, he's soft at this level.", your future may not be looking bright as an Oiler if your Rob Schremp.

Perhaps there is something to what MacTavish said. The rest of the teams around the league apparently feel the same way as trade offers for Schremp to this point haven't amounted to anything higher than a mid or late round draft pick.

But this is a new day and perhaps we should reserve judgement until we've seen how Schremp responds under the newly appointed Pat Quinn and Tom Renney. Maybe this change is exactly what Robbie Schremp needs.

Will we as fans finally get to see the Rob Schremp everyone seems to have talked about for the last three years? That Rob Schremp has amazing skill and ability to be both shifty and elusive. Or will we see the player a number of the decision-makers within the Oilers organization wonder whether or not can play at the NHL level? That Rob Schremp talks a big game with words like "The season I had last year is not OK with me. I expect more out of myself and I have a lot higher expectations.", but doesn't seem to follow through.

I might ask, for a player that likes to let us all know he's lacked a fair chance and that each and every summer he works harder and harder, should we be concerned this interview took place during a workout with Sam Gagner? Obviously Gagner was working out, but what was Schremp doing on the phone with Tencer, when Sam could have used a hard working, motivated and set to prove us all wrong exercise wing-man?


I believe Schremp has skill, but has been in an Oiler system where speed always seem to trump skill. Sometimes one just needs skill and smarts, and I am hoping that speed might (at least sometimes) take a back seat to skill this year. Teams should have a balance, some speed and a bit of skill. I am anxious to see how the new Oiler coaching staff deals with Schremp.

Here's a question: is it too far out of left field (or left wing) to knowing let a three million dollar forward with skill go (Ales Kotalik) because you know you have the same player in Schremp who costs a ton less money?

I for one would rather see some scoring than fast players without scoring touch speeding back and forth up and down the ice losing the puck, firing wide or high, or passing behind their teammates.

July 26, 2009 at 3:03 PM comment-delete

It is the same old Schremp. We haven't heard anything from him that we really haven't heard before. For him to complain that MacT was unprofessional when his performance was so lacklustre is almost laughable. This guy can't score a point a game in the aHL, why does everyone think he's going to be the second coming with the big team?

July 26, 2009 at 8:09 PM comment-delete

@ Jim

Schremp is similar in his ability to impress on shootouts, and as a powerplay specialist. The diference being Kotalik's ability to shoot from the point, with Schremp more a power play quarterback. Schremp lacks a lot of the size Kotalik brought, although he didn't offend tend to use that size.

@ G-Dog

It is interesting that Schremp continues to feel he's been getting the shaft and often going public with it. I'd much rather see him shut up and put up the numbers. It would be only his ability to play at this level that would prove he deserves to be here.

July 26, 2009 at 11:26 PM comment-delete

Boy do you people suck... You and your entire coaching staff have treated this kid like a dog since hes been on your roster. You put him in an enviroment where he is not loved and encouraged and this is what you get. Was it a fluke that he put up big numbers all the time he was in London playing against all the same guys that he would be playing aginst now??? any fool can see that the kid is great!!! Cut him lose, send him to NY do everyone a favor

chris shue
August 18, 2009 at 12:55 PM comment-delete

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