Thanks Rod...

The Edmonton Oilers announced today that long time play-by-play voice Rod Phillips will be hanging it up only to return a few times next season to call some games the Oilers will call "Rod's Classics".

It will be strange to hear a game on the radio without Rod's voice calling the action, but like anything that ends, so does a staple with the Oilers of over 37 years. For many Oil fans, Rod's voice is the only one they know.

There isn't a better time do this in my opinion. Rod's exit creates a place for a new Oilers voice. A voice that will lead radio listeners and fans into a new Oiler era. If the team is rebuilding, why not rebuild the way we listen to it.

There has yet to be any announcement on who will be taking the reigns from Phillips this coming season, but logic suggests that Oilers color man and Oilers Lunch radio host Bob Stauffer is the obvious choice.

Stauffer, not only on merit, experience and pure hockey knowledge alone is worthy of the gig, but his fairly obvious friendship with Oilers owner Daryl Katz won't hurt his chances. Stauffer was brought in last year suddenly to replace Morely Scott. One has to imagine doing so was a way to set the table for Phillips exit down the road.

Here's to hoping Bob can bring some passion and excitement to his calls knowing he has some pretty big shoes to fill, should he in fact be the guy.

Thanks Rod, you will be missed.


Update** Robin Brownlee who attended the press conference got word that applications for the job opening have already reach double digits.

While I'd still consider Bob Stauffer the favorite, it looks as though the job isn't exactly decided yet.

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