How Much Will Who The Oilers Draft Depend On Action Prior to the Selection?

The argument always tends to be BPA. Draft the "best player available" at all times. I would tend to agree if and when you are drafting a selection in the first or second round.

Once picks start moving into the third, fourth and fifth rounds; the philosophy of BPA turns into a muddled up mixture of drafting for need and who, regardless of position, is the best player available at the time.
So, when the Edmonton Oilers, who will draft first overall in this years NHL entry draft are ready to make their selection, who do they take knowing to many, Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin are a six of one and a half dozen of the other scenario?

With Hall's play at the Memorial Cup, many are leaning to Hall pushing past an idle Seguin as the consensus top pick. Others still contend that in the long run, Seguin is the better prospect. One consideration that the Oilers will make, is that they have a number of winger prospects in the system and a lack of true number one centers.

If we don't follow the rule of BPA, that leads us to believe the Oilers might be leaning towards Seguin. He fills a massive need and moreso than Hall might.

What if we're over-looking something? If we say the rule is to always draft the best player available (especially in the first couple rounds) and Taylor Hall is currently the "best player", why are the Oilers considering Seguin?

Simple. The rules don't always apply.

If that's accurate, what does that mean if the Oilers can make many of the rumored moves that might be coming prior to the first overall selection?

Talk has been on and off in terms of the interest in the Oilers moving either Ales Hemsky or Dustin Penner. I would hate to see them move either if the return wasn't tremendous, but should they actually do so, how much does that change the landscape of then drafting Taylor Hall? Logic would suggest that if you lose one or heaven forbid, two wingers, you better replace them. Hall is NHL ready. Would he then be the replacement?

If you're moving Penner or Hemsky for picks (the only scenario that makes sense to me), what new picks would you be obtaining?

The Edmonton Oilers have a lot of work to do to repair a lousy lineup/roster. It's not silly to assume that outside of the as many as 10 draft picks the Oilers have in this years draft, they'll be heavy on the trade front and Tambellini walking the floor a lot to swing other deals, potentially drafting some of those picks in higher positions.

Edmonton has a history of making moves on draft day and this year more than most, we know the Oilers want to move up to draft again in the top ten. We know the Oilers need to unload some bodies and salary. And we know the Oilers are actively shopping Sheldon Souray.

Should they pull it off one or many of these objectives, who would you draft and would it change who you are leaning towards as your number 1?

Regardless of your opinion of the rule of BPA, changes before the pick could drastically alter who we think goes first. I have no doubt about that.


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