Would You Give More than Two #1 Picks and a 2nd for Kessel?

As was reported by TSN, the Bruins have asked for two first round picks and a 2nd rounder for Kessel should a trade be completed with Toronto. What I find interesting, is the fact that when this news was reported, those reporting it specifically mentioned the Maple Leafs. Now is this to mean that Boston only wants to deal with Toronto? For some reason I doubt it.

If you were another team that showed interest, what would you be willing to give? We did something similar with Dustin Penner, and many will argue that didn't turn out well, while others are still waiting; but by most accounts, Kessel brings a lot more than Penner does for the draft picks in return. He lacks size, but he's capable of being a 70 point player, which Dustin Penner would have to turn water into wine to achieve.

What would Edmonton be willing to offer to give a bit more the Bruins, thus making Toronto not the only viable option? Would they take a couple first round picks and a couple prospects, thus sweetening the deal to get Edmonton in the door?

Yes, there are a lot of hurdles the Oilers would have to jump even to fit Kessel in at this point. If we thought we had too many forwards (which we do), we'd be in real tight with Kessel, so any trade would likely have to include a few of the players in camp on the cusp of cracking the team.

My question to readers -- what would you be willing to give up for Kessel?. I'd at least make a phone call to see. Keep in mind, you'll be expected to pay between $4.5 and $5 million just to add him to roster after you complete the trade.


I would trade draft picks for solid, proven players any day. After the first and second draft pick, it is simply the luck of the draw. And, looking at the Oilers' luck with draft picks -- who's kidding who?

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