Oilers Officially Out of the Kessel Sweepstakes

While the Oilers were never really in serious contention, we're being told that the Oilers are officially done any form of pursuit with Boston for the rights to sign Phil Kessel. Not only would the trade have been difficult to facilitate, but the Oilers have decided that they'll be looking to the future of the organization in players like Eberle, Svensson and Omark to make the impact that a $5 million player like Kessel might make.

Because the Oilers are so financially strapped and can't trade back salary like they would have in the Heatley deal, Kessel just doesn't fit in, when you consider that a number contracts will be on the books for the Oilers over the next couple seasons and it would take at least a 3-4 year deal to keep Kessel for the dollars. Or at the worst a very high salary one year contract.

There are a number of other teams in the running for Kessel led by the Toronto Maple Leafs. That deal could be done in a day or two, but Minnesota, Nashville and The New York Rangers have contacted the Bruins about making a trade.

Sources say from the Rangers perspective, they may include a player like Dubinsky to get that deal done. Dubinsky is reportedly looking for at least a $1.4 million dollar deal and Boston, while tight, should be able to make that kind of deal work.


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