As is being reported by Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, Rob Schremp has signed a one-year two-way deal with the Oilers, meaning Schremp will command $715,000 if he makes the NHL club, but less than $75,000 if he is sent down to the Oilers’ American Hockey League affiliate in Springfield, Mass.

It also means that Schremp will have to clear waivers on his way to the minors because he has now played three full seasons in the AHL , which gives the New York Islanders first crack at claiming Schremp if the Oilers were to send him down. You can almost bet the Islanders would pick him up knowing that they lack major offensive depth and Schremp might finally get the chance to show he belongs that he's always wanted.

Speculation was the Oilers might let Schremp walk this summer, but this signing tells me that Rob Schremp, unless he has a terrific camp, will not be starting the season in Edmonton. Not really a big surprise. This also tells me that Rob Schremp will be called up in only two circumstances. 1) The Oilers believe when they bring him up he's shown he's progressed enough to stay or 2) Edmonton has finally said enough of your attitude and hopes the Islanders or another team chooses to claim him when they send him back down.

As Matheson adds "Rob Schremp has been great in juniors, mediocre in the AHL, but has not been able to come close to matching that offensive output as a pro. His best season in the minors came with Springfield in 2007-08, where he managed 23 goals and 76 points. Last season, however, his totals dropped to a dismal seven goals and 42 points in 69 AHL games. He also played four regular games with the Oilers last season, garnering three assists."


The idea of recalling him might be a dead issue because if he doesn't crack the lineup to start the season I'm not sure he will clear waivers on his way down to Springfield. I'd hate to lose him considering the skill set he has but I'm not sure he has a spot on this team, his skills are just duplicated several times over in this lineup.

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I'll bet he doesn't clear waivers for sure, but I think the Oilers are prepared for that. This contracts smells of Edmonton giving Schremp one more opportunity to prove them wrong under a new coach.

If he can't, they are fully prepared to wash their hands of him and not waste any more time and contract space.

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Schremp will shine under Quinn. Quinn doesn't try to stuff every player into the same defensive mold.

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