Comrie Wants It, The Oilers Want It, Tambellini Isn't Ready

If you read, or in this case, listen between the lines there are a number of signs pointing towards Mike Comrie and the Edmonton Oilers coming to terms in a matter of days. The only reason that it's yet to be officially announced as a done deal publicly is that Steve Tambellini isn't 100% convinced, or hasn't made the necessary arragements to make moves after Comrie joins the team.

To bring in Comrie -- a player with a more proven track record, but similar style to a number of other Oiler players currently on the roster -- Tambellini needs to make trade arrangements with another team to ship someone out. Until he feels secure he's been able to do so, Tambellini isn't ready to make an offer to Mike Comrie to make everything official.

But that doesn't mean a number of people close to this situation aren't waiting both patiently and with excitement.

Management would like to make this move, not only because they think Comrie can help, but because he has something to prove. It's the perfect time to add a player like that. It doesn't hurt that they can effectively say to a number of other players who question Edmonton as a playing destination, that if one of the original problem children of the "let's bash the Oilers" years is returning, it can't be all that bad and the reputation is simply blown out of proportion. It also doesn't hurt that his asking price is at an all time bargain.

Some of the current Oilers want it to happen too, namely Shawn Horcoff and Ales Hemsky. Both are interested in possibly playing with the type of player they know can produce when healthy and given the offensive minutes. They've spent the last couple years juggling linemates and feel Comrie gives them a chance to either build chemistry with him or other linemates when he finds a home on another line.

Even more, Comrie wants this too. A source who knows the Comrie family suggested today, that Mike Comrie has more than one team whose offered or close to have tabeled an offer and awaiting a decision from he and his agent. (something he all but confirmed in his media interview Friday, when he said it wouldn't be situation where he would be attending camp on a tryout basis).

That said, it is our guess that these other teams are not going to hear anything until Comrie knows for certain his future isn't with the Oilers, because this is where he wants to be andthis source in fact went so far to say isn't opposed to finishing his career. That's a pretty big statement considering his past with this organization, but he has friends on the team, he likes Edmonton and is more ready for the pressures of playing for the Oilers than he ever was before.

With all this said, it's still up in the air as to whether or not this gets done, since it hinges on so many other factors. Can the Oilers move bodies? If so, who? If not, where do they fit Comrie in under the cap?


OI, what's your best guess as to what might happen next relative to the Oilers' roster if we do sign Comrie? i.e. Nilsson waived or traded (for...)?

I agree that a Comrie signing has the potential at least to improve our team's image by resolving a past conflict.

September 5, 2009 at 2:03 PM comment-delete

Some might not agree, but if I could, I'd trade Nilsson and Smid for Cheechoo and a 2nd round pick.

What this does is move equal salary, plus change to allow for Comrie under the cap at the same time providing a player that San Jose can ship to Ottawa in Smid. I believe Peckham is ready to be an NHL'er and brings a lot of what Smid does.

I'm not sure I'm fully in favor of what I just described, but I see it as more than possible.

My lines would be: (keep in mind they are interchangeable until a chemistry can be found)


Staois/Peckham (or Strudwick)

September 5, 2009 at 3:27 PM comment-delete

Cheechoo is less than effective unless he is with a passer - perhaps he would be a better fit with Hemsky.

September 5, 2009 at 6:18 PM comment-delete

I'm not opposed to Cheechoo on a higher than 3rd line as I believe one of the reasons for his poorer numbers was his lack of ice time in San Jose.

Put him in your top 6 and his numbers should go up.

September 5, 2009 at 11:56 PM comment-delete

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