Quick Hockey News and Rumors August 3rd


The Oilers walked away. Or at least that's what we're led to believe. We're hearing that actually Heatley, who has a previous relationship with Steve Tambellini on the international stage privately contacted him to let him know the Oilers should walk away, as Heatley didn't want to go there and wouldn't waive his no trade clause to do so.

One has to wonder why that wasn't said in the first face to face meeting, but it sounds like it was a leverage move on the part of Heatley and his agents to keep an offer on the table so other teams knew someone was interested. What this means, is that the Oilers being out of the running for Dany Heatley was not a choice by the Oilers.

Phil Kessel:

The Oilers are speaking with Boston regarding interest in a trade for the forward, but they are not the only ones and Boston is actively shopping Kessel trying to get the best return. The problem for Boston is in taking salary back which is important for the Oilers in a trade. Edmonton would need to move at least $3 million back to Boston and the Bruins really can't take that on.

Jason Williams:

Sounds like he'll be a Red Wing by the end of the week. "I wasn't expecting the call, but after they lost (Mikael) Samuelsson and possibly not being able to get (Jiri) Hudler back, they talked to my agent and we thought it might be a good fit to come back," Williams told the Booth News.

The Wings also have interest in Sykora, but expect one of these two to sign and for just over $2 million. A good deal if you ask me and Detroit is counting on someone taking a discount to play with them.


Nikolai Zherdev was awarded $3.9 million from an arbitrator for one year and the Oilers are interested as is Dallas and Los Angeles. While Zherdev is technically a UFA if New York chooses to walk from this deal tomorrow Tambellini may approach Glen Sather and convince him to sign then trade Zherdev to the Oilers. The Oilers are comfortable with the $3.9 tag for one year, they need to move bodies and the Rangers would take unfair value in return to accomodate a trade instead of losing Zherdev for nothing. Expect this to happen today or tomorrow if the Rangers sign him.

If this does happen and the Oilers can successfully move a couple bodies, it could open things up for them to sign the 3rd line center they desperately need.

Bertuzzi Headed East:

Todd Bertuzzi is chatting with three teams in the east and he hopes to wind up playing for a team with less travel. Rumors are that NYI are leading the way and it makes sense considering their history in signing players on the downside of their careers.

More to come later today...


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