Thank You, But No Thanks Nylander

So Michael Nylander won't be back in Washington. At least not according to an interview that took place between Nylander and a Swedish hockey writer.

Caps coach Bruce Boudreau has basically come out and said Nylander isn't good enough to play for his team and has no immediate plans for the forward whose production has dropped significantly since leaving the NYR and his linemate Jaromir Jagr.

So what happens to him? Well if it were up to Nylander, he'd come to Edmonton. Nylander has a no-movement clause which won't allow the Washington Capitals to bury his whopping $4.875 million cap hit in the minors and at that price, he's virtually untradeable.

When asked what he thinks should happen, Nylander responded with, "Uh ... hmmm .. I can't say that I have a dream team like that and it will be difficult to get into most of them now, given the salary cap. But it would have been fun to try Edmonton. Now, of course, I said no to them before. Instead I chose Washington because we had more friends and knew more people there. And it was perhaps a little better socially. But I would have liked to try Edmonton. I think that it would be fun now. I would like to try that now but it will probably be difficult for them to get me under the salary cap".

Nylander hit the nail directly on the head with two points. One, that he's already said no. To me, Edmonton has to finally stand up and say enough is enough with people who want to play anywhere but here. This is as good a chance as any to turn around and say to someone who already stuck it to you, that the grass isn't always greener somewhere else.

So too, Nylander makes a rediculous salary for what he brings to the table in a salary cap NHL. If the Oilers were to do this, and this is a big if; it's because they see this as a way to dump 3 or 4 crappy contracts into the lap of the Capitals who badly want to move Nylander. But even then, if I'm the Oilers, this is simply too little too late.

That said, Steve Tambellini and I haven't agreed on a lot of decisions over the past month or so, meaning I could see him making such a move. So my only request Steve is this... if you're going to make this trade, shape it in this way. To Washington, Staois and Pisani. To Edmonton, Nylander and David Steckel.

Your lines would be as follows: (or at least something similar to this knowing a bit of tweaking is required)


I like this combination much better although I'm not sold on the grit of the 3rd line less of course Steckel who brings something. But it does provide two centers who can win draws. Moves Moreau to a place where he can be more effective and puts Nylander with Hemsky, which at the very least you'd have to see in action. You never know, perhaps and Hemsky/Nylander combo really strikes a chord with one Jaromir Jagr.


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