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We had a chance to interview Dan Tencer from 630 CHED and the Edmonton Oilers Wednesday afternoon and he was kind enough to answer some specific questions our readers have asked. Below are some answers that some fans might find interesting:

In regards to players via free agency:

Blair Betts: The Oilers have no interest and made no effort to sign him. Betts was a fan favorite in terms of Oilers fans looking for a gritty bottom six forward, but the Oilers are not as high on him as fans might be. Betts will not be an Oiler.

Manny Malhotra:
A player we here at Oilers Insider like a lot is a player Tambellini is also interested in. Tencer was able to confirm that the Oilers did make an inquiry and had interest, but his asking price was simply too high. Tencer admits that it is possible that his price may have gone down seeing as he is still unsigned, but I tend to believe after seeing contracts like Ales Kotalik and the bidding war over Tanguay, Malhotra will fetch a nice contract and possibly out of the Oilers league. Expect them to keep kicking tires around him however.

Alex Tanguay:
The Oilers have contacted his agents, but perhaps are walking away now that a bidding war seems to have started. Tanguay is argueably the biggest name player left in free agency and those teams that have yet to attract anyone, are making moves that are beyond what the Oilers are willing to pay. If a Heatley decision comes before a Tanguay one, expect them to ask at least once more.

Kotalik leaving:
It was simply about money. Kotalik wanted more than the Oilers were willing, so he took the higher pay in New York. Tencer was of the opinion that Kotalik is worth the money he got, but that the Oilers don't agree.

In regards to the Heatley deadline:
At this point no one can confirm it. He was unable to get confirmation from the original blog writer Chris Stevens who posted the news and is under the impression that while it may be annoying the Oilers that it's taking this long, they are unwilling to walk away as they now have too much invested and need a 1st line LW, still believing Dany Heatley the best option out there.

Denis Grebeshkov:
Expect that deal to be complete before his arbitration hearing. It's about money, but they are close and Grebeshkov should be getting somewhere in the neighbourhood of $3.25 million for 3 years. (we added that last part... we like to guess and see if we're close, like when you and your friends guess the total bill at a restaurant when 8 of you go eat).

Ladislav Smid:
Don't expect him to be signed until a trade either does or doesn't happen. Smid wants to know where he will be playing before he agrees to any extensions.

Trade possibilities:
He says that if a trade is to happen, not to look to a team with a high salary cap like the Flyers or Blackhawks, but more to a Columbus, Ottawa or L.A. Those teams have the room to take on some of the salary the Oilers would need to dump to fit in anyone else. Edmonton is not interested in giving away a number of their prospects, which is what teams with high caps would have to take in return.


Thanks for the corrections. Silly error on our part. All has been fixed.

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