Liam Reddox No Longer An Oiler

Liam Reddox has rejected the qualifying offer from the Edmonton Oilers and will likely move on to play in Europe.

As reported by David Staples, Reddox got 12 points in 47 games against average competition, according to Behind the Net, and he did so playing with average quality teammates. His most common linemates were, in order, Shawn Horcoff (who knew?), Kyle Brodziak, Andrew Cogliano and Jason Strudwick.

A gritty little forward who knew how to drive the net and be responsible in his own zone, this coin definitely has two sides.

For a team that needed to remove contracts and players that had no defined roll on the team, this helps Edmonton accomplish its task. Reddox was one of those players that was going to fight for game action night in and night out, possibly spending a lot of time in Springfield with the Falcons.

On the other hand, Reddox surprised many with his ability to play productive minutes and some argue including Jonathan Willis of the Copper and Blue that he could have carved himself a pretty handy rolland "could have been a legitimately useful bottom-six player in a few seasons."

No matter which side of the coin you choose, we wish should all wish Liam Reddox the best. He worked hard every night, which is a lot more than we can say for some of the current Oiler roster.


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