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Here is a quick look at Heatley Rumors..

1. The Oilers are still leading the pack, and there are some inside signs that Heatley may be cracking here.
2. The Sharks are having a tough time making the needed deal with Montreal to free up the space needed, otherwise that would be done.
3. The Rangers are still angry (more on why later)
4. The Blues are considering getting back into it.
5. The Wild are waiting to hear about a proposal.
6. The Bruins (mostly Chiarelli) are keeping their nose in the game.
7. The Islanders would LOVE to get in the game, and are trying to get added to Heatley's list.
8. The Calgary Flames, Heatley's hometown team, are also rumored to be "quietly" offering up a significant D-man.
9. The Blue Jackets are also trying behind the scenes to explore options and are beng nudged by Nash.
10. If this lasts long enough for Phoenix to get the ownership issues decided a Jovonovski for Heatley deal is "not at all out of the question."

Of course, way back when, Bruce Garrioch put out Heatley's list of teams to which he would accept his demanded trade. That list included: The Kings, Sharks, Red Wings, Blackhawks, Canucks, Bruins, Rangers and Calgary.

If this is accurate which is often a debate among readers of Eklund's posts, it answers a lot of questions for Oiler fans.


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