Dany Heatley to San Jose?

The Dany Heatley saga continues with little to update... until today. Word out of both Ottawa and San Jose from people we know as legitimate sources are saying the San Jose has started poking around the Dany Heatley situation.

Nothing has been offered and no serious talks have taken place, but San Jose GM Doug Wilson has been inquiring as to what it would take to grab Dany Heatley knowing the likelihood is Heatley would immediately waive his no trade clause to go to California. The what it would take portion, in reality is more like, "how little it would take".

San Jose didn't have a lot of interest outside of a few questions, but now that they see signs pointing to a handcuffed Bryan Murray in Ottawa, they've began to weigh their options. Dany Heatley taking this much time to decide on Edmonton, Kovalev going to Ottawa and the Senators now being over the cap, tell Wilson that it might not take much of anything to pry Heatley from the Senators.

How San Jose would do this is still a question mark as they are not far from the cap themselves, but a Cheechoo, Clowe or Marleau might be considered.

For Edmonton fans still hoping to see Heatley an Oiler, this may not be the best news of the day. Sure it's only mild discussion and no offer from San Jose exists, but it makes it a lot harder for the Oilers to obtain him should more teams be in the hunt.


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