Dany Heatley Could Take All Summer

News from the Edmonton Journal's Dan Barne's, is that despite Edmonton and Ottawa's interested in resolving the Dany Heatley situation as soon as possible, that there seems to be no close solution in sight.

Heatley is enjoying his relaxing atmosphere at his Kelowna beach home after he and his agent J.P Barry have given explicit instructions to Ottawa GM Bryan Murray, to find at least two more teams with trade offers before he makes any kind of decision. From the sounds of it, Heatley is prepared to hold out all summer if it takes that long.

Murray has been in contact with two other teams interested in the superstar left winger. San Jose and Minnesota have both contacted Murray in the past and it is believed these two teams have made inquiries; although no offers officially tabled.

All this tells Oiler fans is that we should expect not to see Dany Heatley in an Oilers uniform, unless September comes and goes and no suitable trade is offered from any other team in the NHl besides the Oilers.


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