Sometimes Hockey Isn’t All There Is by: "The Prof"

It is time to congratulate Edmonton Oilers’ captain Ethan Moreau, who won the King Clancy Memorial Trophy during the 2009 NHL Awards. Obviously, the Oilers captain made an impression not just on Oil fans, but Moreau also made an impression on those who value and reward contributions off the ice. But, perhaps the greatest impact has been on those who probably never will be able to afford or might never be able to be able to attend an Oilers’ game – and we are talking about those in some kind of need.

Moreau, like many Oilers before him, is devoted to charitable causes in Edmonton. Ethan’s work has two main focuses. First, he works for Edmonton’s world famous
Stollery Children's Hospital; second, he works for those who attend Edmonton’s Inner City High School. But, it doesn’t stop there: he also makes appearances for other causes like Cystic Fibrosis.

Moreau makes the humble claim that he slipped into the work because he saw other Oilers also doing it. He had good role models like Kevin Lowe himself, fan favorite Kelly Buchberger, and even Billy Guerin who just won the Cup with the Penguins. Moreau says he really enjoys working and spends a good deal of time at the Stollery, but he also enjoys his time at Inner City High.
Whether you think Ethan Moreau is the greatest Oil captain who ever skated or not, sometimes there is much more than hockey – and Oil fans everywhere should throw their hat on the ice for such dedication. Thanks Ethan for being such a good role model for the kids you meet both in the Stollery and at Inner City High School. The Oiler Insider salutes your work.


So true. Ethan Moreau often gets a rap as one of the Oilers overpaid players that should get moved to improve the team. It's things like this, that often go unnoticed by fans that show us why he is our captain and it would be a shame to move him.

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