Brent Sutter New Calgary Head Coach

Despite words to the contrary and Brent Sutter who himself said coaching the Calgary Flames was a dead issue, it looks as though it's not so dead after all. TSN is reporting that Sutter is about to be named head coach of the Calgary Flames?

So, how exactly did this happen? With Sutter under contract for one more year in New Jersey, we are about to hear one of two things. Either a) Sutter was given permission by Lou Lamarillo and the New Jersey Devils to seek employment elsewhere or b) Calgary is holding a press conference to tell us that Brent Sutter will take over in 2010. I'm of the opinion that that the first option is more likely.

Lou Lamarillo, not always known as a coach and GM who makes a lot of sense timing wise, has topped himself here. Sure, no one wants a coach behind the bench that doesn't want to be there, but what good reason does he have for letting a very good and desireable coach out of his contract? Pay? Friendship? We may never know, but all around this is good news for the Calgary Flames who will have a new coach, closer to home.


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