Hossa Considering Edmonton Again?

With Hossa currently looking for job security, word is he's opened the door to teams other than Detroit to aquire his services.

Hossa, who rejected numerous long-term offers last summer including one from the Edmonton Oilers to the tune of 9yrs and $81 million, chose to sign a one-year, $7.45 million deal with the Wings, with the chance to win the Stanely Cup. This year, while Hossa says "Detroit is on the top of my list, for sure," he has stated that he will weigh his options this summer, hoping not to change destinations each year. Hossa told the News. "I don't feel like moving all the time."

The problem is that Detroit has only $4 million in cap space and a couple solid forwards in Mikael Samuelsson (a UFA this summer) and Jiri Hudler set to become a restricted free agents.

So what does this means for the Oilers who reportedly still have interest in Hossa? Should they be able to put one of those famous long term contracts together ala the Red Wings, they have a legitimate chance of signing the 70-90 point winger, who was pleased with the Oilers last season.


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