Ryan Stone Heads to Calgary

The first of what will likely be a few exiting UFA's from last years Oilers squad has left knowing there just isn't going to space for them in Edmonton.
UFA Ryan Stone has signed with the Calgary Flames. A two way deal worth $500,000 in the NHL and $100,000 in the AHL has sent Stone south a few hundred kilometers.

Stone missed much of last season with the Oilers due to a knee surgery. In 27 games he tallied 6 points and 48 penalty minutes.

Some quick reaction from a few fans has people suggesting Stone is the next Curtis Glencross. People were upset when Glencross was signed to a contract in Calgary after being seemingly ignored by the Oilers. Glencross started strong in the first part of the following season, but never really became the superstar his points in the final few games he played with Edmonton might have suggested he'd be.

Stone is a gritty mucker type player. The Oilers won't miss him though. He played few games, he fills no real glaring need and I'll bet if people had to try and figure out where to stick him in the depth chart of this years Oilers squad, they wouldn't know where to start.

Better to let him move on and try and earn some playing time elsewhere.


I am convinced that, with the salary structure, that these $500,000 to $700,000 players are (or could be) a key to a club's success. Whoever has the best of the $700,000 players - the ones you fill in and around your stars with - might have the best shot at success. What do you think?

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I agree, except that in many cases some of the $500,000 guys don't dress that often. They sit as many games as they play.

That said, I think the Oilers have done fairly well to fill their bottom six thus far and their top six is inexpensive. If nothing else gets done (I thought maybe Rob Neidermayer but he signed with Buffalo today) this is what the depth chart could look like.

Penner (4.25)/ Horcoff (5.5)/Hemsky (4.1)
Hall (3.7)/Gagner (??)/Comrie (1.2) or Cogs
MPS (1.5)/Brule (??)/Eberle (1.1)
Jones (.9)/Fraser (.8)/Stortini (.7)

I make the assumption here that the Oilers sign Comrie cheap which I still hold some hope they will (for experience and leadership), especially if they lose out on the Neidermayer types. The third line could also use a bit more grit than Eberle which the Oilers could sign cheaply.

There's no $500,000 guys except the MacIntyres who'll dress half the time, but some of the players are not much higher than this.

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