Is Simon Gagne Too Good To Pass Up?

Darren Dreger reported something interesting on Thursday. A tweet in the afternoon read "Some NHL execs think Philly will place Gagne on waivers, if a trade isn't found very soon."

It sounds like something that wouldn't catch the eyes and ears of many and it didn't even find its way to the TSN site, but this is pretty big news. Simon Gagne is a legit first line winger in the NHL. Despite some injury riddled seasons, he's posted multiple 60 plus point runs and at least two 40 goal campaigns. The fact that the Flyers are considering moving him, especially for a wildcard like Zherdev amazes me.

But, that's not really the point here.

Gagne is a strong option for a team that lacks a big time, first line goal scoring forward. His cap hit is a bit high, but at $5.25 is manageable. He's also only got one year remaining in his current deal which means that Gagne quickly becomes a small risk and a great pickup for someone on waivers who isn't forced to make a trade or give up assets to obtain him.

Let's put it this way, Gagne is not Sheldon Souray -- he's simply too good, he's lower priced, he offers value and he's got a good attitude. He won't be passed over by 29 other NHL teams.

With the timing of this news, is it me or is it too bad the Oilers have a lot of left wingers? Just our luck that while Edmonton could use a veteran to help lead the kids along and someone who has a reputation for being a pure goal scorer is literally dropped on the doorstep, this is one time the Oilers might not actually be interested.

With the Oilers first to have a crack at a waiver eligible player, not taking advantage of such an opportunity seems a shame if it becomes available. One might think finding a way to fit him in versus letting him simply pass on by for another team to jump on is what the Oilers should consider. Gagne and his one year could be just the right player at the right time to buy the kids more time and if need be, moving pieces (without having to get rid of them) should be possible.

It's too bad that might not happen.


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