Oilers to Trade Robert Nilsson to Nashville?

I got a quick hit from a source today that thinks the Edmonton Oilers and the Nashville Predators might be talking trade. The Oilers are in a position to move a few players for little to no return. In some cases getting anything is a bonus considering a buyout is an alternative, but not a pleasant one.

Robert Nilsson is one of those players. The Edmonton Oilers are rumored to be trying to find a home for the skilled forward or looking at possibly buying out his contract. If Edmonton doesn't intend to use Nilsson, not adding to a strapped salary cap would be best.

Nashville has some interest in giving Nilsson a shot. Last year, it was rumored that the Oilers might move Nilsson to the Preds for Jordin Tootoo. The Preds then backed away and signed Tootoo to an extension.

Nashville meanwhile is trying to negotiate with defenceman Dan Hamhuis. So far, nothing has happened there and if Nashville does have any interest, Robert Nilsson might come back for Hamhuis' rights. Nashville is better to get something instead of nothing come July 1st and the Oilers and Predators have some recent trade history.

The Oilers have a hard-on for Hamhuis and would love the chance to sign him before others have an opportunity on July 1st when Hamhuis becomes a UFA. Since the Oilers are wondering what exactly to do with Nilsson, even if Hamhuis doesn't sign with Edmonton, the Oilers have effectively shipped out a bit of salary without huring their cap situation.

Expect the Predators to continue efforts to get Hamhuis signed. Should they not, watch at the draft for some possible Oilers and Preds action if the Preds can't do better than a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Hamhuis' rights in trade.


I know he has been a bit of a dissapointment but I can see him leaving the oilers and then turning into the star we all hoped him to be. Tough to vote for him on the nicest goal of the year and knowing hes being moved out. So much hope all year. Cant keep them all though.

June 14, 2010 at 9:07 AM comment-delete

I hear ya. In all honesty, I'd have no issues if the Oilers did very little this year and did most of their work next summer.

Doing so gives us a better read on contracts like Dustin Penner and Ales Hemsky and what it will take to keep them as part of the rebuild going forward.

It runs out Moreau, Nilsson and O'Sullivan and lets them earn something if it's in them to earn it. I see Nilsson as the only player who might have something of value to keep going forward.

Add one solid defenseman. Move one goalie. Play with the prospects like Eberle, Omark, Hall/Seguin and MPS and who knows what kind of team you have.

I don't know if all the drastic changes have to happen this year. If this year goes poorly, there is another draft pick to take.

June 14, 2010 at 9:28 AM comment-delete

I know weve chatted about those 3 before and Nilsson would be my favourite to keep out of them. Unfortunetely the other GM's agree and the other two are tough to move. The team just might be that much better with habbi back. These guys might show up to play for their contract year. Doing nothing is better in my opinion then dumping for nothing.

June 14, 2010 at 10:22 AM comment-delete

I'm not sure I think dumping Nilsson for Hamhuis' rights is nothing if Hahmhuis signs a reasonable contract. The lines would look like:

Jones/Pouliot or Potulny/Stortini

Jordan Eberle




I feel a healthy Horcoff will be good for 60-65 points. Smid and Hamhuis are a nasty shut down pair, Hall isn't forced to be the man on the top line, Eberle can be given time to grow and reasonable one year contracts to lower line players give them something to play for and a little competitive spirit.

The Oilers are still too crammed at forward, but only moving one to two players is easier than moving four or five. Players like JDD have some value and moving O'Sullivan might be tough, but possible to a team looking for a one year experiment that could get them 20 goals.

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