Could the Oilers Flip Whatever Comes from Boston?

A lot of discussion on radio shows, blogs and with fans of the Edmonton Oilers involves what it might take Edmonton to get the 2nd overall pick from the Boston Bruins.

Some are suggesting that if the Oilers do in fact draft Taylor Hall, that the B's might turn around and offer up that 2nd overall pick instead of taking Seguin, who may or may not help them as much as ready to contribute NHL players.

There is a better than slim chance, that by the time Tyler Seguin is ready to fully make a difference in the NHL, the Bruins will have closed that winning window of opportunity.

I suppose there is some sense to this argument. The Bruins feel they have a short time frame in which to compete for the Stanley Cup. If Seguin is left to be drafted after Edmonton makes its pick, and the Bruins feel they can get a kings ransom from a team who'd like to draft Seguin, they could possibly pick up a fantastic pro or two who would pay immediate dividends and get them over the hump.

The problem for the Oilers when it comes to kings ransom, they are among the poorer of the kingdoms rulers. Most of the choices avaible to Boston if this ever becomes a reality are better than what the Oilers could offer.

Think about if from Chiarelli's perspective. Would Florida trade Nathan Horton or Weiss and the 3rd for #2 overall? Would Chicago move Marian Hossa to clear cap space and take a fantastic prospect at the same time? Might the Devils be willing to move Langenbrunner plus to grab Seguin? These are just a few examples and I might bet that while some would merit argument, that most could be answered with a big fat yes.

With that in mind, how could the Oilers compete? Instead, what might make more sense is targeting a 3rd-8th overall selection. Some of the teams drafting in those positions, namely teams like Florida, Atlanta and Columbus, are teams that are in somewhat of a win sooner than later mode.

Its not so much that these teams are close to being contenders. It's more that with the fickle fan base and the security of some of the GM job positions within those franchises, there is a much more likely possibility of convincing one of those GM's that what you can offer to help them now, is worth their high, but not #2 overall draft selection.

There is argument that no draftee beyond Taylor Hall will play in the NHL right away. The teams that need the help now, might prefer an NHL ready player who improves their team more than a prospect they have to wait two years on when their fans or owner have in that time given up or said "bye-bye".

For the Oilers, the reality is, while it would be great to draft both Hall and Seguin, the real need of this team is one strong center and one franchise defenceman. Drafting 3rd-6th is likely to get you that d-man in Fowler, Gudbranson or Gormley, so there is no need to push for #2 when #4 or #5 will do.

What Could Happen in a Dreamer's World

Picture that the Oilers might want or be ok with drafting Seguin. That Edmonton can then convince Boston to give up Wheeler or Sturm or some other very respectable and valued NHL player in exchange for leaving Hall to be drafted by the Bruins.

Package what you obtain from Boston in that conversation with one or more of the players Edmonton has available. Could Wheeler/Sturm, Souray, Cogliano and prospects like Riley Nash and the 31st overall draft pick, get you the 4th overall in Columbus? If not and you offered to take back a not so valued contract from their books to make the added cap expense feasible, would the Jackets or more importantly Scott Howsen, then think this kind of improvement puts his team in the playoffs? It might.

If you can't convince the Jackets, talk to the Panthers. If you can't convince the Panther's, talk to the Islanders. Placing your bets on the odds of one in four teams saying yes instead of only Boston is much much greater -- and you still get your high end draft choice defenceman this team really needs.

Obviously a few other NHL teams wil have something to say about it. Rumors are Spezza for the 4th overall which from my view kind of makes sense for both of those teams.

They key here, is that while it's not like Edmonton is the only team that would be interested in moving up in the draft; one can also realize, a lot more has to be offered to pluck #2 or #3 than it does number #4-#7. When Wheeler, Souray, Cogliano, Nash and the #31 pick might not get you #2 or #3, it might get you number #5 or # 6 if you take some salary back. I'd sure be pleased if I'm Tamebllini with drafting at one of those spots.



This is ridiculous. There is no way Boston trades the #2 pick.

June 15, 2010 at 2:59 PM comment-delete

Unlikely? Yes. Ridiculous? No.

Keep in mind that most experts and hockey media types are suggesting Boston wants to win today, not tomorrow. If you look at their expiring contracts, these experts make a good case.

Seguin is a fantastic prospect no doubt. But if left to Boston and the Bruins feel they can literally grab a handful of impact players and move salary out simply by trading this pick all in one move that makes them contenders overnight, they'll consider it. They still have the 15th overall of their own in the first round for prospect building.

Never go so far as to say there is no way. If there was, there is "no way" this would be such a hot topic right now.

June 15, 2010 at 10:59 PM comment-delete

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